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People always look at Balloons...

...and if your companies name is on it, people will see it, and more importantly, probably remember it! Sponsored Hot Air Balloons can be a cost effective way of publicising you companies name.

Corporate Deals from European Balloons

A hot air balloon creates excitement that attracts and holds attention. Thousands of people attend balloon events every year in numbers rivalling many other summer outdoor activities.

At an event the balloon can carry your message over the local area and that message is spread by TV and newspaper coverage to millions more people.

A balloon advertising campaign is easily managed and our staff can help you with design, budget and locations etc. allowing you to get involved as little or as much as you want. We can even teach you to fly during the campaign.

Hot air balloons are very cost effective as many national and local businesses have discovered to good effect. For an even more dramatic campaign, special shape balloons using the modern computer aided designs to produce lifelike models of animals, buildings and almost anything the imagination can conjure up, are in regular use.

Bucks Free Press sponsored balloonSponsored balloons

Hot Air Airships and Specialist Balloons

A specially shaped balloon

The present generation of airships are primarily designed for marketing purposes and not for passenger carrying. They are a most spectacular sight, over 100' long and with the right weather conditions capable of flying with pinpoint accuracy.

New developments in fabric and lift technology will lead to greater duration and the ability to operate in higher wind speeds.

Specially shaped balloons, such as the one below are quite popular at world wide balloon events. They provide an excellent medium for advertisement, attracting a lot of attention for themselves and the sponsoring company.